Meet the Team

Michelle Aronhime, MD

Family Medicine

“It is a privilege to care for my patients from newborn to geriatrics and use my expertise to guide and help them heal and achieve optimal health. I approach my patients with respect and compassion and treasure the long term relationships I develop with them.”

Lilly KC, MD

Family Medicine

“I have a passion for health for my patients, family, and self. I believe each of us can achieve health. I believe each of us is the boss of our own health. As your family physician, I am here to guide you, coach you, and empower you to achieve and maintain health.”

Kim Manning, CFNP

Nurse Practitioner

“I believe that God has placed each patient with me for a reason. I pledge to treat each individual with respect and caring and work together to diagnose and manage their health. Good health is a gift and a blessing. We are not all guaranteed good health or absence of disease. I believe in prayer and a healthy lifestyle combined with modern medical practices to protect the gift of life that we have been given.”

John Parė, DO

Family Medicine

“It is a great responsibility of every individual to manage their own health. This is not an easy task and everyone needs a little help and guidance. I try to partner with my patients in their quest for good health. Everyone is an individual and should be treated as such. Through knowledge, wisdom, and humor, I guide my patients through the management of their health. The best health possible is attainable, and I am here to guide you.”

Philip Peacock, DO

Family Medicine

“The most important trait for a good medical provider is to be a good listener. Primary care should be approached as a team with the patient a key player. A good primary care provider will adjust his practice philosophy to the individual patient needs.”

Molly White, MD

Family Medicine

“I enjoy taking care of patients of every age and the opportunities to build relationships with them over time. I aim to provide high-quality care to my patients while addressing their individual needs.”

Brittany VanWickler, PA-C

Physician Assistant

“To me, the practice of medicine means having a trusting relationship with my patients where we can have open conversations to ensure the best outcome for their health. It is very important to me to keep up on my continuing education and new research. Being the best provider I can be means showing patience, compassion, and empathy for my patients.”

Sonya Harris Almond, FNP-C

Nurse Practitioner